Ink Nurse recommended Tattoo Care Guide, as written by core member, Giorgia Mae.


Healing your tattoo correctly can be a daunting process so I'm here to break it down for you and make this as easy as possible.

Whether you use a second skin or the more traditional style of healing, Ink Nurse works seamlessly with both.

Below are instructions I give to all of my clients for the best possible heal!


Traditional healing is basically when your Artist cleans your fresh tattoo, wraps you up in cling film and sends you on your way. This can be the scariest way to heal for anyone who's new to being tattooed and it can be hard to know exactly what to expect. 

I've listed step by step instructions for an easy traditional heal below.

Day 1 - Same day as your appointment. 

When you get home from your appointment you have around 4 hours between when you were cleaned and wrapped up to when you'll need to re-wash and re-wrap.

Start your healing process by washing your tattoo with antibacterial soap, be super gentle as your tattoo may be sore or sensitive. 

Air dry or pat dry with a fresh paper towel (do not use a bath towel as they can be full of germs).

Once dry re-wrap the tattoo with cling film and repeat process every 4 hours until its time for bed.

Clean and re-wrap your tattoo right before you get into bed, I would suggest using medical tape around the edges as the tattoo will expel a lot of fluid over night and it can leak and stain your bed sheets.

Day 2 

You'll notice when you unwrap your tattoo that it will appear slimy and covered in inky fluid, don't panic this is totally normal.

Once the tattoo is washed thoroughly and dried it's time to use a thin layer of Ink Nurse aftercare cream making sure to cover the tattoo evenly.

Repeat washing, drying and applying at least 4 times a day. Unlike other tattoo care creams Ink Nurse allows your tattoo to breath so there is no risk of smothering it if you follow these directions properly.


Day 3 

Repeat day 2!


Day 4 

You'll start to notice your tattoo starting to flake like a sunburn, DON'T PICK at your skin, you can cause harm to your tattoo and potentially give yourself an infection. Don't forget how much bacteria lives under your nails so never touch your tattoo before washing your hands first.

Let the tattoo flake off naturally, if you have parts that are starting to scab Ink Nurse aftercare cream will help to soften them, so they can fall off naturally. 

Day 5 - Onward

As the 14 day healing cycle plays out your tattoo will shed the rest of the dead skin within the first week, appear shiny over the second week and settle in slowly over the first month.

The best way to keep your tattoo healthy is keeping it clean and using Ink Nurse aftercare cream religiously for the first month and then regularly from then on.

Remember that it actually takes 6 months for your tattoo to fully settle into the epidermis and that keeping your skin healthy and nourished is the only way to get the best, brightest possible result.


Now we have gone through the Do's of Tattoo Aftercare we will quickly address the DONTS.

On your appointment day your Artist would have gone through what to avoid when healing so here is a quick reminder of things not to do for the first 14 days.

No swimming! This includes, pools, lakes, the ocean etc.

Do not submerge your tattoo! This means no baths however showers are fine.

No direct sunlight! Don't stand in the sun with your tattoo exposed, it'll burn and hurt so you wont want to anyway.

No excessive sweating! Don't exercise for the first 5 days, the tattoo needs to be past the pealing phase. Avoid anything that will cause a lot of unnecessary movement to the tattooed area, this can cause trauma to the skin which can end in infection, scabbing, or a rough heal.

Avoid tight clothes! Such as active wear, tight jeans etc. your tattoo could end up being smothered, sweating or sticking to the fabric, you want your tattoo to breathe during the first week.

No Fragrances! do not used scented washes, soaps, moisturisers, perfumes etc.

Finally, No dirt! Don't let dust, dirt or sand touch your tattoo, keep it clean and have a safe heal!

- Giorgia Mae, Tattoo Artist.